ArtyType range of fonts

Contemporary, retro, geometric or experimental display fonts, all of these typographic genres and more can be found here on the ArtyType site. To date James Marsh has designed over 30 eye-catching type families, ranging from versatile modern text faces and colourful scripts to classical art deco and cutting-edge headline fonts.

This growing collection of hand-tuned, feature-rich fonts provides fantastic design options for any print, digital or web project.

Take the ArtyType range for a spin; select any sample text below and replace with your own copy.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
Select this text and key in your own
Test drive the new Caché type family by James Marsh
Delete this text and use your own
Cyclic Elite is a stylish high contrast display face with charming cursive attributes.
A stoic, legible all-rounder with charm and impact.
Vexed nymphs go for quick waltz
ArtyType: a James Marsh brainchild
Whisky bueno: ¡excitad mi frágil pequeña vejez!
Groovy baby! Cool retro style.
Keep calm and carry on.
Distinctively hexagonal headline face
Typographically versatile modern sans
Contemporary slab serif type family
Ancient Japanese art of origami
Bold but elegantly stylish & charming
Spurless, with medium contrast letterforms
Classically styled & multi-functional companion to Sanzibar.
Robust, 4 widths, & signature cleaved terminals
Fancy coffee? Piece of cake?
J.W. Augustiner Bräu gegründet 1328
Chunky monkey or phish food cone?
A rounded & legible modern typeface
Storybook is a friendly informal script
Squaring the circle in a single corner
Troika contains idiosyncratic letterforms
Circular and modular building blocks