About ArtyType

ArtyType is James Marsh’s font foundry and the publishing vehicle for his distinctive typographic designs. ArtyType fonts are unique, occasionally experimental, but always very usable. Hence they're never generic or boring!

While studying design James acquired an enduring affinity with typography; so designing fonts has been a dormant ambition from the ’60’s.  Incorporating his own fonts into design projects has also been a strong motivating factor, after eventually founding ArtyType in 2010.

The library features dozens of eye-catching families, including versatile modern text faces, colourful scripts and cutting-edge headline fonts. This growing collection of hand-tuned and versatile fonts provides fantastic design options for any print or web project. Moreover the range of weights and font styles offers designers real choice. Type lovers will appreciate goodies such as extended European language support, OpenType features and alternate glyphs. And, most importantly, ArtyType fonts are very competitively priced, thus great value for money.

All fonts are available in desktop and web formats for immediate download. In addition you can take each typeface for a test drive and download a PDF specimen before buying.

About James Marsh

James Marsh has earned international status as a highly acclaimed illustrator, designer, artist and author. Marsh was a former studio manager at Decca Records, and retains strong links with the music industry. At Ink Studios he collaborated on high profile projects for The Beatles & Andy Warhol before forming his own studio.

Marsh’s art has adorned countless posters and magazine covers, most notably Time Magazine on numerous occasions. Furthermore, his cover artwork has embellished books by leading authors such as Ray Bradbury, Lewis Carol, Shakespeare, J.G. Ballard and many more.

High profile recording artists boasting album covers designed by Marsh include Jamiroquai & Erasure. James is probably most fondly associated with the seminal 1980’s band Talk Talk however. Their complete catalogue of iconic sleeves were produced by Marsh, so seek out these classic prints if you're a fan.

2012 saw the launch of the “Spirit of Talk Talk” tribute album and richly illustrated book celebrating the band’s music & art. The stunning book was fully chronicled by Marsh and music writer Chris Roberts.

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