Cyclic Uncial Type Family

Cyclic Uncial is a stylish slab serif font with a celtic vibe, sister typeface to the modern Cyclic family.

The name ‘cyclic’ suits this typeface in several ways. Firstly because I wanted to create an ‘all-round’ typeface (pun intended) that could adapt to most applications, but also, as the dictionary definition explains - “occurring in circles, regularly repeated”.

The basis for a lot of the characters did begin with a circle or sections of one; the equally distributed, rounded forms of this font are complemented however by the vertical strokes, and further counter-balanced by angular slab serifs on the remaining glyphs.

The alternates in the font on style set 1 are the standard glyphs that are defined as default characters in the separate Cyclic set.

In summary, the whole Cyclic type family comprises a combined palette of circles and straight lines; something the cubist movement would have been proud of!


Cyclic Uncial Light




Cyclic Uncial Regular




Cyclic Uncial Bold