Omni is a fresh and versatile sans serif typeface in 4 weights with matching slanted italics. Download a PDF specimen and test drive the fonts:

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The fonts are available to buy in OpenType format for Mac & PC desktop use, or webfont formats for self hosted sites. Select your preferred weight/style & format from the menus below before adding to your basket.

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Typefaces don’t simply appear fully formed to a designer, even with a clear concept in mind; they evolve naturally during the design & development process.

Out of the current ‘Artytype’ collection, Omni has evolved the most, being a stripped back off-spring from several exploratory exercises.

At first glance and particularly at small scale, you’d be forgiven for thinking Omni’s basic characteristics have a conventional look and feel; however on closer inspection, it’s own distinctive, clean cut, subtle styling becomes apparent, revealing enough personality to stand alone or complement a wide variety of projects. Subsequently, it’s a font that won’t go out of style quickly and may even become a modern classic in time.

The Omni family has 2 distinct styles, sans and serif, each style being available in 4 weights; all 8 fonts have matching slanted cuts making a total of 16 fonts across both families.

Dictionary definition of OMNI: Combining form – Of all things, in all ways or places. Quite an apt name for a font with ubiquitous aspirations.

Typographically versatile modern sans

Additional information

Style / Weight

Bold, Bold Slanted, Family (8 fonts), Light, Light Slanted, Medium, Medium Slanted, Thin, Thin Slanted


Desktop (Mac & PC), Web

Language Support

Baltics, Central European, Turkish, Western European

OpenType Features

Alternates, Kerning, Ligatures (fi & fl)