Tangential is a distinctive modern sans born out of a simple idea, in 3 weights with tilted italics. Download a PDF specimen and test drive the fonts:

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The fonts are available to buy in OpenType format for Mac & PC desktop use, or webfont formats for self hosted sites. Select your preferred weight/style & format from the menus below before adding to your basket.

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Tangential is a distinctive modern sans in 3 weights which was born out of a simple idea: beginning the project with a perfect circle to form the letter ‘o’, then squaring off one corner, ending up with a letterform I hadn’t seen before for that character; this for me was enough motivation to attempt a full alphabet incorporating the angled styling wherever possible.

The Tangential style I envisaged for the family is complemented by the prominent use of negative space throughout, most apparent on the drop shaped ‘o’ which is a key feature of the typeface and a letterform I’m particularly pleased with.

The core Tangential design is also accompanied by two further variations, Tangential Rounded & Tangential Semi Serif, both of which are available as separate fonts.

Squaring the circle in a single corner

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Bold, Bold Tilted, Family (6 fonts), Light, Light Tilted, Medium, Medium Tilted


Desktop (Mac & PC), Web

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Western European

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