Polke is a single weight display face brimming with style, charm and strong personality. Download a PDF specimen and test drive the fonts:

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The font is available to buy in OpenType format for Mac & PC desktop use, or webfont formats for self hosted sites. Select your preferred weight/style & format from the menus below before adding to your basket.

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Polke is a single weight display face brimming with style and charm but simultaneously exuding impressive core strength and a vibrant personality. Floating ball terminals rub shoulders with contrasting sharp and rounded letterforms to produce a distinctively decorative headline font built on robust foundations.

Polke’s name is derived from the striking terminal dots which dominate the character set, creating a Polka-Dot effect throughout. I also had the artist Sigmar Polke in mind which explains the spelling, and so the two ideas simply morphed together.

Bold but elegantly stylish & charming

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